Consider These Enhancements For Your Monogrammed Note Cards

In today's digital world, sitting down to write a note by hand is a special act. This is true when you use any type of paper or notecard, but when you write your message on a custom card, it becomes even more special. If you like the idea of your words and the card on which you write them bringing a smile to the face of someone in your life, find a company that can produce monogrammed note cards for you. A subtle or overt monogram on the card can add a unique look, but you can also consider these enhancements that may be available.


Embossing can not only add a stylish look to your monogrammed note cards but also a stylish feel. This process creates a raised area on the surface of the card that is tangible beneath your fingers. You might opt to have the monogram itself embossed, or perhaps you favor using this technique for the border or a complementary image. The raised embossed area can appear in the same color as the note card itself, or you might favor having the embossed letters or image appear in a unique color to stand out even more.

Metallic Foil

If you really want your custom note cards to shimmer, talk to your printing company about incorporating some type of metallic foil into the finished product. The addition of foil in a gold hue, silver hue, or another shade can add a stylish look to any design. One option to consider is to choose a type of that foil pairs well with other colors used on the cards. For example, you might to choose dark blue card material with a gold foil accent, as these two colors tend to work well together.

Die Cut

Another enhancement that you may wish to consider for your order of custom monogrammed note cards is a die-cut element. This term describes a shape of your choice that is precisely cut out of the card. You may favor a shape that relates to the overall design. For example, if you have a design that predominantly features autumn colors, you might like the idea of a die-cut element that is the shape of a tree leaf. Similarly, a flower-shaped die-cut element can work well if you have a border that depicts flowers.

Learn more about these and other enhancements by contacting a printing company that produces custom monogrammed note cards.

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